Woman in prayer hat---close on hat and prayer: Acrylic on canvas.
Bird; linocut, oil, oil crayon on cardboard.
Bird 2; linocut, oil, oil crayon, on cardboard and sheet metal: SOLD
Bird 3; linocut, oil, oil crayon, on cardboard.
Tea Ceremony
Concert in the park: oil, oil crayon; on wood panel.
Dad: Vosges Mountains, 1944.
The importance of Madalyn.
bridesmaids smoke & conspire.
House Rhino:oil and oil crayon on wood panel.
Haircut ; Acrylic on canvas.
Jealous sister.
The Rhinoceros Effect: Acrylic on canvas.
She's on the edge: Acrylic on canvas.
Her soul looked like a seahorse: Acrylic on canvas.
Blooming I am: Acrylic on canvas.
The 40th night: Acrylic on canvas.
Cravings: Acrylic on canvas.
Stranger: Acrylic on canvas.
Annunciation with fries: Acrylic on canvas.
As we dozed, Mom's soul escaped out thru the TV.
Sleepsong Investigation 2: Oil and acrylic on canvas.
He sings, she eats, mixed media on cardboard; 2006
Hopeful Man: Oil on canvas.
Ghost girl. Monoprint on paper.
Harbor cup yoga: Monoprint on paper.
Harbor dogs: mixed media on paper.
Shelter; Mixed media on cardboard.
Harbored dreams: Mixed media on cardboard.
Harbor smile
Lady-of-the-house-plant: Collage and mixed media on cardboard.
Lunch; mixed media on cardboard
She falls down: Acrylic on paper
Where is it?: Acrylic on paper.
Boy meets owl on roof: Mixed media on cardboard.
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